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Ice surface on 2022 Winter Olympics speed skating venue ready for trials

2021-01-25 | CGTN

Ice surface on 2022 Winter Olympics speed skating venue.jpg

The ice-making work at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, also known as the "Ice Ribbon", was completed on Friday, meaning the iconic venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics is now ready for test competitions.

During the Winter Olympics, the "Ice Ribbon" will host speed skating competitions involving 14 gold medals.

The pavilion is the first Winter Olympic venue in the world to use carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice technology, creating the largest ice surface in Asia, with an area of 12,000 square meters.

The temperature difference on the ice surface does not exceed 0.5 degrees centigrade, which is beneficial for athletes to log good results, and the venue can make ice according to the needs of different sports, regions, and standards.

The ice-making work was completed with the joint efforts of local and foreign ice makers, with international staff brought in to ensure the quality of the ice surface and that it met the Games standards.

China's speed skating star Wang Beixing is the Speed Skating Competitions Director of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Sports Department.

Wang, the bronze medalist of the women's 500-meter speed skating at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, has retired, but she decided to put her equipment back on and give it a try. "The ice surface is pretty good and the smoothness is of a high standard," Wang said, adding, "I haven't skated that fast for a long time."

"To achieve the goal of 'fastest ice', the final test still depends on the professional athletes who are about to compete here, and we will get their feedback. I believe that our goal will be achieved."