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Jilin rolls out policies to drive growth of auto sector

2021-01-29 |

Jilin province in Northeast China recently launched a series of policies to drive forwards the development of its automobile industry, according to a news conference held by the information office of the provincial government on July 17.

The policies are in response to the nation's support for its auto industry in recent years and the recognizes that the auto sector is the province's largest pillar industry, officials said.

They include five specific measures -- extending the switchover time of China's new national VI emission standards, encouraging the purchase of new energy vehicles, speeding up the scrapping of old trucks, making second-hand car transactions easier and increasing credit support to stimulate auto sales.

The province is extending the implementation date of the new national emission standards for light vehicles to Jan 1, 2021 from the previous July 1, 2020. It is also allowing light-duty vehicles produced and imported before July 1, 2020 to be sold and registered in the province before Jan 1, 2021.

Officials said the province is additionally launching fiscal and taxation support policies related to the purchase of new energy vehicles, encouraging consumers to buy new energy cars. It also plans to accelerate application of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation and other fields.

Officials said the province will speed up the scrapping of old diesel trucks and increase punishments for unqualified vehicles.

They said it will also make second-hand car transactions easier and accelerate the establishment of second-hand car service stations.

In addition, Jilin will increase credit for drivers to buy cars, including reducing the down payments and loan interest rates, extending repayment periods and providing a variety of repayment methods, officials added.