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Changbai mountain pool in the sky "Ice Melting Season" ended successfully

2022-06-15 | 中国吉林网

  In midsummer June, Tianchi, which has been frozen for seven months, once again shows its beauty to tourists. On June 10th, the first live broadcast of the "Ice Opening Season" of Changbai Mountain Tianchi ended successfully in Changbai Mountain North Scenic Area. On the first day of the live broadcast, more than 7 million people watched it. People's Daily Online,,Tik Tok and other networks and new media platforms participated in the 5-hour ice-breaking debut of Changbai Mountain Tianchi.

  It is understood that Tianchi, located at the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain, is an active crater lake with the highest altitude, the largest area and the deepest accumulated water in the world. Tianchi of Changbai Mountain is the highest crater lake in the world, and it enters the ice-covered period every December, and the water surface freezes, and the silver package is the same color as the mountain; In June of the following year, the ice began to melt, and the clear water curled up with the green hills. This process is a wonder because of its unique location and uncertain time.